Small Business and Franchise Success Stories

Founded in 1986, The Teriyaki Experience franchise was created to provide a delicious meal experience that was fast, but also healthy. Food at every store is prepared with water instead of oil on a steel grill, which reflects authentic Japanese simplicity.

Started in Canada, with locations also in Europe, Central America, the Caribbean and the Middle East, the chain only recently arrived in America, and one of our Guidant clients, Zia Hassan, was among the first to open a domestic location.

A resident of Texas, Hassan had a background in restaurant management and wanted to explore the option of franchising. “It has always been my goal to own a business,” says Hassan. “The Teriyaki Experience was a brand new concept in the U.S. and I knew I could have an edge on providing consumers with a healthy choice.”

Hassan heard of Guidant Financial through a friend who had seen a magazine ad. When asked about how the process went once he called for a consultation, he replied, “Very smooth—I’m very happy with my experience at Guidant. Obtaining adequate financing was my biggest challenge getting the business started. This gave me a solution.”

Area Developer Bryan Littleton, who worked with Hassan to get the location up and running, was also pleased at the opportunities Guidant provided. “It’s a great thing for folks to have 401(k) rollovers as a [financing] option. Mom and Pop operations don’t always have the money necessary to start their businesses and this is perfect for people like them.”

Littleton goes on to say, “When I tell people about Zia’s experience [and how he was able to fund his franchise] they always raise their eyebrows and think it’s very cool. I see huge opportunity in this [financing method] and am definitely recommending Guidant to other folks.”


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